TIME CONTROL 150 150 Supersteps



28 lessons / 1hour


In this Hip Hop tutorial, you will learn how to play with different timing. Not only that, you will also have an introduction on how to isolate different part of your body while dancing.


Each video is broken down and explained so that you feel like you are in the class. You will learn the forms, steps, exercises and tips to help you improve faster.

  • 1.1 Technique: Easy timing
    1.2 Demonstration
    1.3 Practice

  • 2.1 Technique: Block & Release
    2.2 Demo
    2.3 Practice

  • 3.1 Technique: Faster Timing
    3.2 Demo
    3.3 Practice

  • 4.1 Technique: No Energy
    4.2 Demo
    4.3 Practice

  • 5.1 Technique: Isolation/Step/Easy Timing
    5.2 Demo
    5.3 Practice

  • 6.1 Technique: Isolation/Step/ Block & Release Timing
    6.2 Demo
    6.3 Practice

  • 7.1 Technique: Isolation/Step/Faster Timing
    7.2 Demo
    7.3 Practice

  • 8.1 Technique: Isolation/Step/No Energy Timing
    8.2 Demo
    8.3 Practice

  • 9.1 All technique
    9.2 Demo
    9.3 Practice
    9.4 Take Away

Fabbreezy's bio

Fabbreezy also known as Fabrice from Ghetto-Style, is an established Hip Hop Dancer and recognised as one of the top Hip Hop Freestyler. His expertise lie on improvisation but also choreography. He has won several dance battle including Juste Debout, Funkin Stylez and much more.

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