GROOVE CONSISTENCY 150 150 Supersteps



18 lessons / 45 min


In this tutorial, Kashmir will teach you how to dance and maintain your groove at the same time. You will learn how to mix a basic Hip Hop move like the bounce with some advanced arms movements.


Each video is broken down and explained so that you feel like you are in the class. You will learn the forms, steps, exercises and tips to help you improve faster.

  • 1.1 Arms combo 1
    1.2 Bounce 1
    1.3 Bounce with arms combo 1
    1.4 Demonstration
    1.5 Drills

  • 2.1 Arms combo 2
    2.2 Bounce 2
    2.3 Bounce with arms combo 2
    2.4 Demonstration
    2.5 Drills 2

  • 3.1 Arms combo 3
    3.2 Bounce 3
    3.3 Bounce with arms combo 3
    3.4 Demonstration
    3.5 Drills 3

  • 4.1 Altogether
    4.2 Freestyle
    4.3 Take away

Kashmir's bio

Kashmir is a self-taught professional dancer specialising in Hip-Hop freestyle and House dance. He has been teaching, judging and competing all around the UK, Europe and Asia. Some of his achievement includes: 3 Times World Crew Battle winner, The Judgement Day Hip Hop battle winner, KOD House Battle winner and Eurobattle House Dance Battle winner.